TruForm Optics

iBlast Terms and Conditions

1. iPad Entry:

You will receive a maximum of one entry by emailing: with your legal name and preferred email address. By registering for iBlast emails you are submitting your name and email address to Tru-Form Optics, Inc. The iPad winner's name will released on June 1, 2010.

TruForm Optics, Inc. is not responsible for late, invalid or misdirected registration emails, which will disqualify the iPad entry.


2. iPad winner and iBlasts:

The winner of the Apple iPad will be announced June 1, 2010. All registrations must be received before then, or will be disqualified for the iPad entry.

A new iBlast will be sent by email every month beginning on June 1, 2010.


3. Eligibility:

iPad entry is only eligible to licensed EyeCare Professionals. All other entries are invalid.


4. Proprietary Information:

No submitted information (name, email) from the iBlast registration or iPad entry will be sold or given away to any third party. Appropriate efforts have been made to keep this information secure.